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carpark cleaning 

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First impressions count, fact. And while a potential customer may not consciously notice a clean and tidy car park, they will most definitely notice a dirty one covered in graffiti, chewing gum or even worse, unpleasant stains and odours.

And this can be hurting your business more than you think.

But these impressions don’t have to be lasting. With a one-off deep clean or periodic car park cleaning, you can restore consumer confidence and give your customers a pleasant and welcoming experience right from the very start.

With operating times that fit around you, downtime and disruption are minimised and, in some cases, can even be avoided completely. Not only can we bring your car park floor back to an “as new” like state, we can also complete thorough cleaning to walls, ceilings, high access areas (such as stairwells) and eliminate foul odours .

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