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professional graffiti removal service covering worcester- kidderminster-stourport on severn-Bewdley- stourbridge-tenbury wellS- bromsgrove-bridgnorth-leominster and all surrounding towns & villages

Graffiti is an unsightly nuisance that many property owners find not only blights the exterior appearance of the property but if not quickly removed can also damage the reputation of the business itself.

Not only can it cause an irritation to the business/ property owner but it can also cause offence to the general public especially when racist and sexually explicit images and text are included in the graffiti. This makes effective graffiti removal immensely necessary.

Being in the field of exterior cleaning and graffiti removal services for over 20 years now, we know how much the professional representation of your premise impacts your business.

For graffiti removal at your premises in Worcester-Kidderminster-Bewdley and all surrounding areas contact us today.



Restoration and care after graffiti removal


Robin Hood Exterior Cleaning goes a step ahead after the graffiti removal work is finished and can provide additional protection to your wall/building from future attacks.

Once a building or wall has been properly cleaned of all graffiti by our professional cleaning team, Robin Hood are able to offer anti-graffiti system in the form of a protective coating sprayed on the wall or building.

This coat will protect the wall/ building for up to five years, guaranteed. If the surface is attacked during the five year period then it is simply washed away with conventional cleaning methods and without the need for additional pressure washing services.

This coating is specifically designed to provide a clear external anti-graffiti barrier that is undetectable to the eye so as not to impact the visual aesthetics of the building/ wall natural finish.

Guaranteed services at competitive rates on all our cleaning services you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you do not pay us anything if the service provided to you is not up to your expectation.

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