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We have specialist equipment to clean all types of hard surfaces to ensure that your property is left sparkling. We are able to pressure wash Brickwork, Patios, Paths and Walls.

Patios are often laid with block paving, imprinted concrete, paving slabs or various types of sandstone slabs. When first laid all these surfaces can look really great, however, as they are generally very porous, it does not take long before algae and weeds begin to grow on the patio area.​


Because we have made major investments in acquiring the best professional pressure cleaning equipment, we can clean any paved area with little difficulty, using our flat surface rotary cleaners. After pressure washing, and on a dry day, we can then apply Swiss seal paving sealer onto the cleaned area to give it additional protection.


  • Paved areas

  • Patios made of sandstone, limestone, or blue stone

  • Brick and concrete surfaces, including walls

  • Garden paths made of stone, terracotta, bricks, granite, or marble

  • Wooden and composite decking 


  • Fences

  • Garden furniture

  • Balconies - if there is drainage

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